Cosmic Fossil: Dub funk for grunge fans

Cosmic Fossil Adelaide Grunge Funk Music

If you’ve been frequenting live music in and around our fair city over the past six months, you may just have heard the name ‘Cosmic Fossil’ muttered under the breaths of a few.

Get used to it.

The western suburbs three-piece is the newest, and possibly most exciting, funk fusion outfit to emerge thus far in 2018, and they’re yet to play a headline show.

The way in which this trio has announced itself on the Adelaide music soundscape is not one of hubris or over-confidence; these three have let their live music do all the talking from the outset and, as a result, have drummed up quite the local buzz.

Led by Jackson Fazzalari (vocals, guitar), Cosmic Fossil quietly released their very first studio single, ‘Know Yourself’, on Triple J Unearthed a fortnight ago.

Know Yourself out now! See the full vid on Facebook or YouTube (link in bio)

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The track encompasses everything this groovy bunch has been promising with their live performance; somehow weaving together elements of funk and dub with the one-two punch of grunge and garage-style rock.

The vocals seem to copulate seamlessly with driving guitar lines that switch between raunchy and rugged, while the rhythm section goes about its business with a certain flawless unpretentiousness.

Frontman Fazzalari is wonderfully supported by two true masters of their crafts in Declan Cameron (bass) and Victor Formato (drums).

The seasoned singer-songwriter says he owes a lot to the two mates with whom he shares the stage as the single explores some sombre times while focusing primarily on the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

“[‘Know Yourself’] has depression and dark days in mind; just knowing that you’ve got these friends around and that it’s okay to talk about these things…

“When you get to a point where everything’s pissing you off and you realise it all starts from yourself.”

Fazzalari’s long-time friend and musical counterpart, the bassist says knowing oneself is the basis for sustainable mental health.

“It’s so important being self-aware,” he says. “A lot of people might not even think about it, going through day-to-day stuff.”

Cameron says the groove of the trio’s music can be attributed to Formato’s heavier style of drumming.

“As soon as Vic [Victor] started it went from funk or jazzy-style to a bit more rock.”

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The trio is gearing up for its first headline show which will take place on Friday 22nd June at Jive, and the guys are visibly thrilled.

“We’re pretty f***ing stoked,” Cameron says. “It’s our first headline show, we’ve got three supports and we’re really looking forward to it.”

Cosmic Fossil’s stage presence has been one of their big drawcards as they’ve played supporting roles around town throughout early 2018.

Their music is fun yet polished, with just enough grit and depth to make an early crowd do something very rare: take a big step forward.

It’s early days for the Fossils, but they seem to have found both balance and rhythm, on and off the stage.

They play Jive, 22nd June with TIL The Break, The Empty Threats and Maisie; tickets will be on sale at the door.


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