Craghopper’s Josefine jacket is a winter warmer essential

josefine jacket craghoppers

The hunt for the perfect winter jacket can be never-ending. Living in London and travelling a lot means we need a jacket that not only looks cute, but can also perform under a huge variety of weather conditions. Luckily for us, Craghoppers sent us their Josefine jacket, and we put it to the test out in the wilderness of the Arctic.

Travelling to both Tromso and Senja, the jacket faced temperatures down to -15°, gale-force wings and a two-day blizzard. It hiked a mountain, rode a dog sled in the snow and took a boat across the fjord.

Coming from Australia, keeping us lizard creatures warm is no easy feat. This jacket managed to do it though (layered over a jumper, some jeans and Craghoppers Merino wool thermals as well), and was honestly such a lifesaver in these crazy cold environments.

kristen byass tromso

Though it might seem like an obvious essential in an outdoor jacket, you’d be surprised to find out not all winter jackets are waterproof. The Josefine jacket has an AquaDry Membrane that ensures rain, snow and sleet are kept well away from your clothes and hair though. Our favourite thing about this jacket is probably the faux fur trim and lining, which not only feels really soft and cosy but keeps you super warm. Another handy touch is the magnetic pockets, so you can quickly grab what you need and have them securely fasten shut with ease.

Although the Craghoppers Josefine jacket is perfect for outdoor adventures, we also love wearing it around London. As we go to so many events and tend to wear outfits that aren’t always weather appropriate, it’s amazing having this jacket to quickly pop on to keep us warm. We just check it into the cloakroom when we get to where we need to go (it’s a little too heavy to wear inside), and then grab it again to protect us on your way home.

You can find the Josefine jacket on their website, or at one of their stockists around the UK.

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