Crazy about Koko Thai

Koko what you say? Koko Thai; a newly developed restaurant located on North Adelaide’s O’Connell Street among the busy strip of neighbouring eateries.

Vibrant is one word to describe this flashy new restaurant; with block colour interior and a few pineapple ornaments here and there, the place kinda instantly improves your mood. But enough about that, how about we get to the food?

Feeling overwhelmed when looking at the menu is a common first impression you’ll experience – don’t worry, this is completely normal (but it’s better than being underwhelmed, right?)! In other words, there’s a good amount of options in store, like, a really good amount; soups, stir fries, curries, seafood, vegetarian dishes and the list goes on.

And what exactly can you pick from? Everything from spring rolls to satay chicken skewers, fish cakes and pandan chicken can entice you before diving into your main meal. The Sea Star is a particularly interesting (and tasty) one; a homemade dumpling of minced chicken, squid and prawn with mild red curry sauce. When it comes to your main meal, you can settle for your usual delicious classics like Pad Thai, Tom Yum Soup or Green Chicken Curry if you wish. Or, if you’re feeling a little adventurous, opt for a Red Duck Curry, containing homemade roasted duck cooked in red curry sauce with lychee, pineapple, eggplant and fresh basil, or, the Drunken Seafood; a mix of prawns, squid, mussel, and snapper fillet stir fry with lime juice, lemon grass, capsicum and fresh basil.

IMG_0123 2

Sea Star

For vegetarian lovers, the Green Curry Vegetable meal is packed with the hearty goodness of Thai green curry with bean curd, mixed veg including carrots, eggplant and generous hunks of softly cooked tofu – not to mention hints of sweetness we haven’t come across in many regular Thai green curries. These spicy dishes are best complimented with white rice and a thirst quenching glass of fresh coconut juice (the type that doesn’t taste like it’s been poured straight out of the carton) containing crisp coconut slices for an extra treat to nibble on. You can also choose from a dozen other options including the Pad Prik King Vegetables, containing stir fry mixed vegetables in red curry paste with fresh ginger, and the Tom Kha Soup with vegetables cooked in dreamy coconut milk soup.


Green Curry Vegetables

The melt-in-your-mouth, deep fried goodness of the Banana Fritter made for a comforting and filling dessert accompanied by vanilla ice cream, drizzly chocolate sauce and freshly cut strawberries – proving that hot and cold desserts are once again a winner. But, you can also choose from the Coconut Ice Cream (and a few others you just might have to find out for yourself) which is also what dreams are made of if you’re as big a fan of coconut as we are…

Banana Fritter

Banana Fritter

Coconut Ice Cream

Coconut Ice Cream

So, our verdict? A completely versatile restaurant situated in an excellent area; take your guy or gal on a date, bring along the family for the ultimate Thai food experience or grab a quick bite to eat before heading into the CBD.

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