Cupcake Decorating with L’Eto Caffe

Our latest obsession is hunting down all the cutest and most aesthetic cafes around London, which you may have noticed on Instagram. When Into App offered us the opportunity to head along to L’Eto Caffe and learn how to decorate cupcakes with a pro, we simply couldn’t refuse.

L’Eto Caffe is one of London’s iconic foodie destinations, with windows bursting with gorgeous cupcakes, layered cakes, pastries and other sweet delicacies that look too good to eat. Exotic flavour combinations like violet and raspberry, coconut and papaya and fig and cardamom can be found amongst tried and true classics like chocolate and vanilla, creating a range of delicate confections with something for everyone.

As we arrived at the King’s Road location of L’Eto Caffe, we were greeted with a giant table laden with more intricately decorated cupcakes than you could fit on a whole Instagram feed. With champagne in hand, we excitedly dived in before claiming our seats at the flower-laden table where we were to begin our decorating.

Chef Marek began leading the class by telling us how his mother is the inspiration behind everything he creates. He uses inspiration from his childhood and his mother’s cooking to create his cakes, sharing her knowledge with the other chefs at L’Eto Caffe. We then selected from a platter of un-iced red velvet, chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, before grabbing our icing bags and beginning the task at hand.

Chef Marek instructed us on how to hold the piping bag, wrapping it around our thumb and pushing the icing through the nozzle by applying pressure from the end of the bag. Once iced, gourmet decorations like dehydrated raspberries, pistachios, strawberries and blueberries were available to use, as well as an assortment of flowers.

Melissa Zahorujko The Adelaidian L'ETO CUPCAKES WITH INTO APP

Covered in icing and definitely on sugar highs, we were told that next we would get to make our own truffles! Also known as protein balls, Chef Marek’s raw truffle mixture uses much less sugar than most, while the protein from the nuts gives your body a natural boost. We spent the rest of the evening rolling away and nibbling at all the leftover cupcake decorations.

We had so much fun at the L’Eto Caffe cupcake decorating masterclass, and can’t wait to go back to their shop soon to try their extensive brunch menu. Thank you to L’Eto Caffe and Into App for having us!

Images: James Purvis and own

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