A decadent Christmas brunch with The Stylist’s Guide

A decadent Christmas brunch with all of our favourite, blogger, media and fashion folk in Adelaide? Yes, please! And who better to host it than the newest events styling and planning service, The Stylist’s Guide?

From our previous experiences with this new local business, we set our expectations high and, naturally, The Stylist’s Guide did not disappoint. Being a business run by friend of ours, Alyse Vozzo, we were well aware that attention to detail is key quality making The Stylist’s Guide stand out from the crowd. As we stepped into The Moseley in Glenelg for our festive brunch, the first thing we noticed is just how quaint and cohesively the space was arranged.

Stylised fitout at The Stylist's Guide Christmas Brunch.

Stylised fitout at The Stylist’s Guide Christmas Brunch.

Long tables lined side by side were complete with a classic white table cloth and polished cutlery set-up. Fresh floral centrepieces decorated dining tables and charming little notes had been laid out in between plates, reading quotes such as: Mimosa – a socially acceptable way to start a party at breakfast. A photoshoot area had also been arranged for the social media collective, enticing bloggers to flock for a photo. Ooh, let’s not forget the gorgeous labelled, gold straws that provided the perfect accessory to your morning espresso martini!

To truly top off this dreamy layout, our individual names had been printed in gold foil on little ceramic cut outs and left on the centre of our plates. It really was the small things that made you feel warm and personally welcome to this event.

Gorgeous, stylised layout by The Stylist's Guide.

Gorgeous, personalised layout by The Stylist’s Guide.

Brunch lived up to the rest of the set-up, with three courses of pure indulgence. We had actually tried this brunch before when The Moseley launched it a few weeks back and, to be completely honest, have not stopped raving about it since.

Entrees of apple cider yoghurt with poached fruits were served first, followed by banana and walnut bread with honeycomb butter. The main course was designed in a fun and interactive manner, featuring separated ingredients of slow roasted black Russian tomatoes, chilli and herb scrambled eggs, four cheese fritatta, Barossa bacon, guacamole and toast. It was a great way to create a group sharing experience, encouraging everyone to pass around the bowls and chat with one another. Dessert included fresh plates of fruit, scones and sweet cakes.

Interactive mains at The Moseley.

An interactive brunching experience at The Moseley.

We wrapped up the day with a tea and took ourselves home, ready for a good, long food coma nap. If you’d like to find out more about The Stylist’s Guide and the magic they can make for your next event, follow through to their website here.

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