Desenio prints are here to elevate your home

Melissa Zahorujko with Desenio Wall Art

Moving into your own place in your 20s is an exciting time, although it can be pretty pricey. I’ve just signed my first ever proper lease with a friend and moved into a beautiful, unfurnished apartment in Surry Hills which already feels like my own. Turning a house into a home requires more than just a skeleton of essential furniture, and if I’m being honest, decorating is the fun part. To coincide with me moving into my new place, Desenio reached out to us and offered to help me kit out some of the blank spaces in my apartment with some modern prints, and some light and airy pieces for Mel’s stylised bedroom.

I wanted two pieces to hang over my couch and add some character to the living space, but as our couch and curtains are dark blue, I didn’t want anything too colourful. I decided to go for two minimalist pieces featuring simple line art that would really stand out on my wall without imposing on the entire room. The first was a beautiful piece called Abstract Figures No2, a single line illustration that depicts a couple kissing in a tight embrace. The second was a funky abstract piece called Berlin Arches No1 that gives me a muted 70s vibe. Together the two pieces create a striking set that really uplifts the space and creates an interesting focal point.

While I went for two 50cm x 70cm pieces to sit side by side, Mel decided to create a travel-inspired gallery wall with a selection of different sized prints. The collection she created was inspired by her love of Moroccan architecture and intended to help us manifest a trip to this beautiful African country. Luxury Moments, Palm Curves and Secret Garden depict the iconic curved arches Morocco is famous for, while Feel The Earth shows a textured, sandy desert.

Why we love Desenio is for more than just their huge selection of beautiful prints. The Swedish company pride itself on offering pieces for every taste and style at a super affordable price point and offer free shipping over $69. The prints also come super quickly, which is great when you’re as excited as we were for them. While they don’t currently offer framing options for Australia, you can pick up some simple frames like ours for around $10-$15.

  • Desenio Wall Art
  • Desenio Wall Art
  • Desenio Wall Art

If you’re keen to elevate a space in your home with some of Desenio’s stunning pieces, they’ve given us a limited-time code for 10% off their range of prints on top of the current 30-50% off sale they have running. You can take advantage of this offer by using the code THEADELAIDIAN between the 28th and 30th of September.

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