Levitating Bombay Sapphire cocktails to elevate your drinking game

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We’re proper into 2020 guys, and the latest thing this fine, futuristic year has gifted us is levitating Bombay Sapphire cocktails. That’s right, no more sipping on stagnant beverages like we were in 2019, Electra House is levelling up the drinking experience and we’re here for it.

Originally innovated as part of the Bombay Sapphire Glasshouse Project, Chad Handson, Owner and Operator of Electra House entered his luxe idea and won a $20,000 grant to bring it to life.

“Growing up watching old western’s, there was one scene repeated in a number of movies that has always stuck in my mind, and that’s the classic ‘sliding glass of brown liquor down a bar’ scene. I was looking to bring that concept into the 21st century,” Says Chad.

And bring it into the 21st century he did. Taking that classic Western movie seen and elevating it to the sophisticated and chic setting of Electra House, it’s definitely a ‘ginnovation’ you don’t want to miss out on experiencing.

To help celebrate the launch of Electra House and Bombay Sapphire’s levitating cocktails, a limited edition menu of gin-based cocktails is available. Including a signature G&T, Native Gin Cooler, Star of Bombay Gibson Martini, Field Negroni and the iconic Sapphire Serve, they’ll be available, along with levitating Bombay Sapphire cocktails, for the next month at Electra House.

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