Elixir: Just The Right Concoction At The Adelaide Fringe

The feat of a memorable acrobatics show extends far greater than its physicality.

In what is perhaps an odd sense of Fringe Festival entitlement, audience members expect to be engaged by more than the sheer athletic talent that is presented. The bar is high.

A story? Stage design? Humour? Lighting? Music?

Elixir has it all.

Indeed, the success of this performance is attested to a clever but simple plot thread.

Set in a futuristic research facility, our three male acrobats/lab-rats are forced to search for the elixir of life by systematically sampling a number of colourful vials. With each substance having a different effect, it provides our cast with the perfect justification to display various acts of physical wonder and smoothly transition into the next.

Add to the mix plenty of hilariously acted moments ingesting and reacting, a touch of dancing, leopard print underwear and just the right amount of audience interaction, and you’ll see that Elixir meets a new standard of physical theatre.

These bare-chested performers have put together a highly comical show that doesn’t rely on their ripped bodies and physical feats to get you on board. This amusing performance has just enough plotline for it to make sense, and a dose of character insight to keep you engaged from start to finish.

Elixir is sexy, upbeat, and funny in all the right places. The mind-blowing acrobatics are just a bonus.

★★★★★  5/5 stars

Elixir is playing in The Octagon at Gluttony until the 18th March. Tickets available online or at The Fringe Box Office. 

Image: Head First Acrobats Facebook

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