Find your summer fragrance at a Miller Harris fragrance profiling

If you’re like us, you usually pick a signature fragrance and stick with it until the bottle runs out (or through multiple bottles if it’s a real favourite). Picking the right fragrance that’s worth committing to for the next six months can be a tricky task though.

Miller Harris are aiming to make this tough decision a little easier though with their fragrance profiling sessions. Held at one of their decadently decorated stores, you can book in for a 90-minute session with one of their fragrance experts, where you’ll walk away with a 50mL bottle of your favourite scent and samples of your runner up fragrances.

We met up with the lovely Nick Gilbert at Miller Harris’ beautiful Shuepherd’s Bush store where he sat us down and talked us through some of the incredible stories behind the brand’s fragrances.

Initially he picked out three ‘light, three ‘dark’ and two wild card fragrances after asking us a number of questions individually about what perfumes we’ve loved in the past and what scents we like smelling.

After many sniffs, smells and sprays all over our bodies, we finally made the big decision of choosing our final fragrance. It was a clear win for both ‘Lumière Dorée’ and ‘Cœur de Jardin’, quite light and playful fragrances, and we were very excited to start wearing our new perfumes of the summer.

If you’ve never been into a Miller Harris store before, they’re well worth checking out even if just for the Instagrammable decor. There are a number of stores dotted around London that are each themed and decorated accordingly, creating incredible spaces that you’ll never want to leave. And while you’re there, you might as well play around with a few scents and explore the extensive range.

The Shepherd’s Bush store is covered in gorgeous, colourful flowers and boasts a poetry theme. Delicate needlework weaves its way into creating quotes from famous authors like F. Scott. Fitzgerald, displayed in colourful frames. Special poetry events are sometimes held at this store, so keep an eye and an ear on their socials for more info.

To book a fragrance profiling, simply contact your local store. Private sessions for up to five people can also be arranged, perfect for bridal parties or other special occasions.