Flinders O-Week O’Fiesta 2018

Dressed in a token band t-shirt and heavily stained Converses (how original), I stalked the Flinders University campus for my mates. No one was in sight. Instead I looked around at the hundreds of gig-goers, plenty plastered already, with Adelaide locals Heaps Good Friends jamming in the background, and I suddenly felt old.

I’m 21-year-old student. What do you mean, I feel old? This time three years ago I was shitting myself for my first week of uni (totally not needed, btw), and now I’m about to start my fourth and final year. I’m surrounded by fresh school-finishers, with a few soul-ridden uni students like myself scattered around the place, and I didn’t quite know how to feel.

Nevertheless, the atmosphere was alive. The summer night was still fresh and the hour-long drive was certainly feeling worth it once I’d planted myself in the middle of the crowd for Montaigne’s performance. This woman, this amazing, talented woman, was made for nothing if it wasn’t for the stage. Every time I see her, I fail to take my eyes away. She’s honestly remarkable, and if you haven’t seen her, please change that ASAP.

Floating between old mates from school and the few friends who finished uni last year (the bastards), I boogied my way throughout San Cisco’s set. We sung about ‘Isabella’ and danced on a pile of crushed cans, but when Dune Rats made their entrance we made or way to the back of the crowd. I love the guys, but I’m not willing to break a nose showing my devotion – or lose a shoe. I still strained my voice yelling out for ‘Scott Green’, but that was always a given.

Once again, Flinders put on the best O-Week show a kid could ask for. No matter if we’re just starting out or well ready to move on from uni, it was a rad time, and Aussie music will never get old. We do it well.

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