Frozen Beer Co Launch

Held at the sophisticated venue that is the Loft, Frozen Beer Co launched their innovative machine that produces frozen beer at an event that was more a party than anything.

The actual product was pleasant to drink, as it kept your beverage cold throughout the entirety of the drinking process. Using pre-existing beers such as Asahi and a range of Coopers, a frozen ice slushi was swirled on top, eliminating the slow heating process of beer in your hand which typically leaves you with dregs of unpleasant yeasty soup on your last sips.

The event itself was typically very beery, with pole dancers, promo girls in teeny tiny little crop tops and booty shorts wandering around with trays of delicious frozen beer, and jazz singers providing the entertainment for guests. After a few frozzo beers, more than one group of guests took great pleasure in mucking around in the photo booths, utilising the feather boas and cowboy hats to accentuate the photos.


Keeping up with its usual standard of quality, the Loft provided excellent canapés varying from sushi to sliders to mushroom bruschetta. There was no shortage of food, with platters coming around consistently until the guests started leaving.

The Frozen Beer Co product is a nifty little thing that wouldn’t look out of place in your favourite pub. You can expect to see a few of these popping up over the next few months for summer, enabling drinkers everywhere to enjoy their beer to the last few drops.

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