Fuego Carnal – Adelaide Fringe At Its Finest

The Adelaide Fringe is heating up!

You truly won’t be able to look away here, thanks to the fiery, sexy, and downright mind-blowing display of Fuego Carnal.

Held in Gluttony at the purpose-built Empyrean, an opening above the stage allows for an astonishing demonstration of fire manipulation that is paired with acts that push the boundaries of the human body.

The translation of Fuego is ‘fire’ and damn do we get a whole lot of it here. Whether it’s swallowing, twirling, juggling, or balancing, this show is overflowing with “wow” moments emphasised by an eclectic soundtrack.

This performance taps into our visceral fascination with such a mesmerising element, all the while reminding us just how dangerous it can be. These daring acts are perhaps only surpassed in risk when our sword swallower does his thing, doing flips when he definitely shouldn’t.

For those that might become overwhelmed by such extreme acts, there are also moments of sheer beauty—perhaps none more so than a gorgeous figure skater who is hoisted in the air, twirling at high speed with poise and grace.

Then comes more fire.

The visual sensations are abundant and the professionalism is indicative of an international circus with eighteen years experience.

Fuego Carnal is a high-end ticket that’s worth every cent. Catch it while you can.

★★★★★  5/5 stars

Fuego Carnal is playing in Empyrean at Gluttony until the 18th March. Tickets available online or at The Fringe Box Office. 

Image: Fuego Carnal Facebook

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