Get your Asian street food fix at Gang Gang

Where can you find Spice Girls, Cardi B and Usher all in one place? At an Asian-comfort food pop-up in the Adelaide Central Markets, of course.

Gang Gang is the brainchild of Nina Hadinata and Morgen Wynn. After living in LA for three years, Nina was inspired by the heavily Asian-influenced street food scene, and decided to head back to her hometown in Bali to see if she could learn a thing or two about cooking.

The result is a beautiful fusion of east and west; burgers with wasabi mayo, pickled ginger and Balinese sambal accompanied by chilli salt fries, fresh juice and iced tea.

The names alone are enough to attract a younger audience to the stall, paying tribute to some of pop-culture’s current icons.

“We wanted to keep everything quite young and fresh by using names like the Spice Girls and Cardi B, and it’s always great to hear a grandma asking to have ‘The Cardi B’ [laughs]’ said Morgen.

Ordering the two mentioned by Morgen, we fell in love with the bright flavours and freshness of the burgers. ‘The Spice Girl’ is a classic beef patty and cheese with a twist, using Asian slaw, pickled ginger, rocket, wasabi mayo and sprinkled sesame, while ‘The Cardi B’ revolutionised the buttermilk chicken burger with Gang’s Asian slaw, roasted peanuts, sliced avocado, Japanese mayo and sambal.

“We want these burgers to not be overbearing, greasy and make you feel like crap after. Even though they’re burgers we want them to be light and use fresh ingredients,” said Morgen.

Their signature hotsauces are a must-try, coming in three flavours and spiciness: sweet chilli, dragonfruit and mango. These hotsauces are a special collab between Gang Gang and a little mother-daughter project down in Perth, and as a result the sauces compliment the food perfectly. Though packing a bit of heat, the dragonfruit was our favourite, as the spiciness is balanced out by the sweetness of the fruit.

Hotsauces and chilli salt

As well as burgers, a bigger menu is already in the works featuring rice bowls and tacos, ensuring each pop-up will have something totally unique and exciting!

After the Central Market’s Producers in Residence pop-up is over, Gang Gang will be appearing at markets and festivals like Gilles St and Twilight Market throughout the year.

Gang Gang is here for a good time not a long time, so make sure you head past before Jan 27 to avoid missing out.

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