Getting Butt Naked with a new Aussie skincare brand

Butt Naked Skincare

A playful name, cute packaging and a great brand mission: Butt Naked are coming in strong and ready to shake up the skincare game. Founded by two Aussie gals who were tired of skincare being too complicated, too unreliable and too unethical, Butt Naked’s range is vegan, cruelty-free, toxic-free and non-irritating. Sounds like a dream to us.

We were sent two of Butt Naked’s lovely products to try out, and we were super excited to give this fun brand a go. It arrived in really sweet packaging, with the products tucked up inside a Butt Naked cloth bag with a pretty illustration on it. We’ll definitely be repurposing this bag.

Kristen grabbed the Cactus Face + Hair Oil to try out, featuring the hero ingredient prickly pear. According to Butt Naked, prickly pear is supposed to help lighten discolouration, scarring and brighten the complexion, and when used in combination with apricot and sweet almond oil (also found in this little bottle’s formula), can help regenerate, nourish and soften skin and hair. This oil can be used for so many purposes (we love a multi-use) – as a nourishing hair oil or as a skin treatment. Kristen’s favourite uses however though would be as an oil cleanse or makeup remover.

Butt Naked Skincare

It’s no secret that double cleansing is the latest and greatest way to ensure your skin is nice and fresh at the end of every day. Kristen loves to use the Cactus Face + Hair Oil as the first step in her double cleanse, by warming a few drops between her fingers and then rubbing it all over her face to remove any makeup. She makes sure to focus around the eyes as well as the skin, as she usually wears a winged liner and loads of mascara, and this helps to break it down before she cleanses with a foaming cleanser after.

Another way to use the oil on your face is by doing an oil cleansing. Tip a little puddle of oil into the palm of your hand, warm it up between your hands and then massage it into your face slowly and firmly. Take your time, this helps to work the oil into the pores to help get a deeper steam. Soak a face cloth in hot water (not boiling), then hold or lay it over your face until the cloth has cooled down. Wipe off the oil, then repeat putting a hot cloth over your face a few more times to really steam out those pores.

The second produce we received to test out was the Coconut + Lemon Sugar Body Scrub, which Mel grabbed to try for the dry skin on her legs. The scrubs smells super fresh and zesty thanks to the lemon oil, but also has coconut oil and grapeseed oil to help keep skin healthy, rejuvenated and bright. A combination of poppy seeds and sugar cane work to gently exfoliate the skin, while still preserving the moisture. Mel likes to leave the scrub on for a few minutes in the shower while she brushes her teeth to help all the oils soak in, so then when you wash it off and get out the shower your skin feels extra smooth, soft and moisturised.

As well as offering a fun range of vegan, cruelty-free products, Butt Naked donate 5% of their profits to a Melbourne animal shelter through the save-a-dog scheme. They also donate products to women without basic toiletries through the Happy Boxes Project, and adopted a Koala after the devastating bushfires in the summer of 2020. Is there anything they don’t do? You can find out more about Butt Naked’s philanthropic endeavours, as well as check out their product range on the website.

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