Give your home an artful touch with No. 22

Beautiful homes don’t have to cost a fortune. No. 22 was built on this very idea, offering a range of luxurious yet affordable homewares to totally elevate your living space. This effortlessly chic brand combines themed collections and finely curated pieces, from understated linen napkins to golden candle holders and elegant agate coasters. Every single design is made with quality materials, designed to stand the test of time.

We were recently invited to collaborate with No. 22 and to say we were excited was an understatement! Browsing their website, we fell in love with essentially everything, making it super hard to make a decision. Fortunately, the collection isn’t insanely large – it’s very much a quality over quantity ideology. We took our time pondering over the boutique selection before choosing a marble platter, glassware set, golden cutlery, and a catchall bowl. Check them out below:

Imperial Marble Cheese Platter – $129

Get ready to impress your dinner guests! Seriously, how divine is this marble cheese platter? We can’t get enough of it. Show off your artisanal cheese arranging skills next time you have friends over with this sleek and sophisticated homewares pick. It’s made of a high-quality marble that is thick, heavy, and sturdy, making this platter a must-have statement piece for the kitchen. Leave it out on the countertop with an exquisite china teapot set and some greenery to set the scene.

Casetellain Travertine Catchall Bowl – $149

To be completely honest, we’d never heard of a ‘catchall bowl’ until now. Is this something boujee people have in their homes or are we just fully in the dark here!? The idea is for the bowl to be placed nearest to the front door of your house, ready to ‘catch’ all of your belongings when you enter. Keys, coins, sunglasses, jewellery — you name it!

We’re absolutely in love with the travertine stone this particular piece is made from. This type of stone has been used in all kinds of famous and historical designs (St Peters Basilica in Rome, for example), so it’s no wonder the Castellain Travertine Catchall Bowl gives your home a high-end feel. No. 22 also sells a matching tray, platter, and candle holder.

Princier Gold Cutlery Set – $119

One way to say ‘I’m fancy’ is a golden cutlery set. The Princier Gold Cutlery Set has you covered for elegant tea parties and romantic dinners for two at home. Even if you just want to inject a touch of luxe into your everyday living, it can do that, too! A 16-piece set of forks knives and spoons, you’re bound to get endless use out of this cutlery set. It’s also made of gold brushed stainless steel so you’re guaranteed longevity.

Diamant Peach Carafe & Tumbler Set – $149

Shapes! It’s all about the shapes! We love the angles of the Diamant Peach Carafe and Tumbler Set, giving your glassware collection some geometric edge. The peach colourway is also super stylish, making this set stand out from the rest. Whether enjoying your favourite aged whisky or just having a water refresher, it’s the perfect pouring accompanient. We particularly love the carafe with its wooden ball top! Remember: this set is designed to catch attention, so don’t hide it away in your cupboard. Put it on display on a drinks trolley in the living room for everyone to admire.

If your home is in need of a refresh, head on over to No. 22 to suss the range and shop now. Browse by collection or by individual item and create a home you never want to leave!

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