Goin’ wild for Mac & Wild

Some days just call for a bottle of wine, a bowl of mac ‘n’ cheese and a juicy tomahawk steak to round it all off. As it just so happens, we encountered one of these rather specific days recently amid the hustle and bustle of London Fashion Week. With all that manic running around in sky-high stilettos, who wouldn’t crave the extra carbs? The two of us rather petite girls found ourselves racking up an appetite more congruent to that of some three or four carb-loading, muscly men. And so, we set off for Mac & Wild to appease those needs.

Mac & Wild is a London-based Scottish restaurant with two locations in Fitzrovia and Devonshire Square. The concept brings forth the delights of Scottish produce, showcasing dishes of wild venison, beef, steak and seafood accompanied by an excellent craft beer, whisky and gin selection. Throw in some some chunky wooden furniture and a distinct ‘Highlands’ vibe, and you’ve got yourselves a pretty authentic Scottish experience in the heart of London! Having both been to Scotland many times before, we were definitely feeling nostalgia for the land of tartan kilts.

We kicked things off with a starter of Balvenie Smoked Scottish Salmon, accompanied by sourdough bread, whipped butter and lemon. Knowing we were going to get indulgent with the red meats, we thought it would be wise to ease in with some seafood first. The fish was super soft and fresh, with light smoky flavour notes and a melt-in-your-mouth texture.

Our wonderful waiter also slipped in some haggis pops which were honestly the most pleasant surprise of the night. We’ve both had haggis before and definitely didn’t hate it, yet nor did we go mad for it. We DID, however, go mad for these crispy pops! The deep-fried, breadcrumbed exterior paired perfectly with the squishy haggis interior, and the Red Jon sauce topped it off with style. The feeling of eating these little more-ish guys somewhat paralleled the feeling of getting home at 5AM after a big night out and chowing down on some McNuggets. Except we take that back, because they were far superior to your average nugget.

Moving onto the steaks – the restaurant’s speciality – our decision was a tough one. The rib-eye caught our eye, but the venison chateaubriand sounded ever so tender and delightful. In the end, we chose the Tomahawk steak, equal parts for tastiness and for photogenic appeal. There were no regrets as our medium rare hunk of meaty goodness descended upon our table. Cooked to perfection with the optimal level of pinky-red hue, this show-stopper was a winner, for sure. We polished off practically all of it, and we’re sure our waiter would have been shocked to see that. He was probably also shocked to see us holding up the steak by its bone and feeding each other with it. We call it cavewoman etiquette.

If you too are a fellow fan of the Scots and their culinary offerings, or are simply looking for a vibrant spot to dine out, we couldn’t recommend Mac & Wild more. Follow the link here to read all about the restaurant and access the menus.

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