Goji berry facials at Cosmetic Care Clinic

Sometimes, all you need is a good facial to start your week off right. And that was exactly what we needed the week we visited Cosmetic Care Clinic. A stunning boutique clinic located in the idyllic suburb of Balmain, Cosmetic Care Clinc really nails the relaxation factor. Their interior is newly renovated, offering a bright, light, and airy space for customers to truly unwind in.

When we arrived, we were greeted with nothing but warmth from our lovely clinician. Informative from the get-go, she explained products and processes in detail, which we found very interesting to listen to. Although we came in for facials, the clinic also offers treatments such as dermal fillers, laser treatment, and hyperhidrosis (the reduction of excessive armpit sweating). They aim to offer a tailored service, analysing the needs of each individual and finding the perfect treatments for them.

With a focus on anti-ageing treatments that are non-surgical, the clinic offers an attractive alternative to going under the knife. Such procedures are rising in popularity massively right now, not only for their non-invasive nature, but for their more natural appearance. After all, they’re actually used to simply perk up and define your natural features, rather than reshaping them in a totally new way!

We recently spent a sunny Sunday morning at Cosmetic Care Clinic, reclining back in the good hands of our clinician. With a range of Esthemax hydrojelly facials on offer, we had a ball browsing through our options. There were some that sounded so soothing like the Egyptian Rose and Illuminating Orange. However, there were also some intense sounding options like the Vampire PLLA infusion and even Australian Sheep Placenta (!!!). It’s a really cool selection. You could literally spend week after week trying a new one each time.

After asking us about our skin types and problem areas, our clinician suggested the facials that would best be suited to our needs. Kristen went for the super hydrating Antioxidant Goji facial as she suffers from dry skin. This mask looked (and smelt) totally edible! With aromas of sweet goji berry and a fun pink base, this mask left Kristen’s skin feeling soft, plump and refreshed.

Mel opted for the Beta-Carotene Floral mask, delivering steady hydration throughout the day and improving the looks of skin texture and tone. This mask had little yellow petals that looked like gold flakes — cute! It smelt earthy and organic, a little bit like tea leaves. Very soothing.

For more information on Cosmetic Care Clinic and their services, visit the website here. We also did a little Instagram reel of our experience, if you want to watch below:

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