Goodness Me Box’s gut health super pack

Goodness Me Gut Health Box

This month, our Goodness Me Box tapped into something always at the forefront of my mind: gut health. The last few years I’ve struggled a lot with my digestive system, trying everything under the sun to ease the symptoms when things start to play up. Even if you don’t have digestive issues, gut health is something that most people have been paying more and more attention to as new research comes out suggesting the link between your brain health and your stomach health.

Another big reason people tend to prioritise gut health is a less serious one, but one that demands attention nonetheless – the dreaded hangover. It’s no secret that alcohol destroys the balance of good and bad bacteria in your stomach, and that’s even without a cheeky tactical vom. If you, like us, are always searching for new ways to boost your gut health, here are some of our fave products from this month’s Goodness Me Box you might like to try out for yourself.

Goodness Me Box Hart & Soul Sweet Potato & Ginger Soup

Hart & Soul Sweet Potato & Ginger Soup

I’ve tried a few of Hart & Soul’s products before, like the dahl and the wonton soup (super easy to heat up and super tasty). The sweet potato and ginger soup was no different, coming ready-made in the packet and having nothing inside but the good stuff. Seriously, the ingredients list is so clean – there’s nothing in there you wouldn’t use in your own cooking at home. The ginger flavour does come through very strong here, but I love the taste of ginger, so I was vibing with this soup.

Goodness Me Box Flip Natural Muesli Nuts & Seeds

Flip Shelton’s Natural Muesli, Nuts & Seeds

Featuring a variety of nuts and seeds, this muesli isn’t one to skimp on the good stuff. Inside you’ll find healthy treats like Brazil nuts, almonds, pecans, sesame and pumpkin seeds, all plant-based sources of protein and omega-3. There’s also a great dose of oats and amaranth, ensuring this mueseli is easy to digest and low GI. Yum! We love having it with some oat milk and local honey, or topping it with some greek yoghurt and fresh fruit for a great afternoon snack.

Goodness Me Box Mojo Kombucha Berry Blitz

Mojo Kombucha Soda Berry Blitz

When it comes to gut health, you really can’t go past a good bottle of booch. Super easy to grab-and-go and super tasty, kombucha is always one of my first picks when purchasing a drink. This Mojo one not only has probiotics from the brewed kombucha, but also has prebiotic fibre, offering extra gut support. It also uses real berry juice for a refreshing flavour that isn’t too sweet.

Goodness Me Box Complete Gut Restore

Morlife Complete Gut Restore

The day we received this month’s Goodness Me Box, I may have been a little hungover. As soon as I opened the box, the first thing I grabbed was the Morlife Complete Gut Restore sachet, and immediately consumed it in a glass of water to help my poor stomach. It has a slightly orange, fruity taste, and is just the thing your body needs after a big night. I’d definitely recommend this next time you’re in the same state I was.

If you’re keen to get a box of healthy, nutritionist-approved treats delivered to your door each month, check out Goodness Me Box and use our code ADELAIDIAN10 for discount on your purchase.

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