Does Halo Burger sell London’s best vegan burgers?

If you wandered into Halo Burger while roaming around Pop Brixton, you honestly wouldn’t know it was a vegan joint. And that’s exactly what the enigmatic team set out to achieve when creating London’s newest plant-based destination.

Rather than trying to become ‘the next health fad’, Halo is dedicated to satisfying your next burger and fries craving in a more nourishing way, while also reducing your impact on the planet. It does this while also keeping prices low, a big win when it comes to great-tasting vegan food.

Rather than using a vegetable patty, mushroom or slice of halloumi (all which are amazing burger options in their own vegan-vegetarian foodie rights), Halo uses the Beyond Burger patty. Specially designed so that it ‘looks, cooks, tastes – and ‘bleeds’ – like a fresh beef burger’, it uses beetroot to create the ‘bleeding’ effect and does taste fantastic. They also spent 18 months creating a secret seasoning to perfectly complement the Beyond Burger patty, which founder Ross Forder told us required many rounds of taste testing in California and London (sounds like a tough job – someone sign us up!).

halo burger brixton

Double Cheeseburger

We recently popped past Halo Burger with Into App to try some of the menu items, and from two non-veggies, can we say we’re certainly impressed. Our recommendation would definitely be the Double Cheeseburger, made using vegan-cheese and with a generous layer of plant-based sauces. The cheese was honestly so delicious and gooey just like a regular slice of American cheese, and the patty was just as satisfying to eat as a standard beef one. The only difference was it didn’t taste as fatty as a run of the mill beef patty, which actually was kind of a positive as it didn’t leave us feeling really bloated and gross after.

The venue is set up like a retro diner, with neon lighting, red furnishings and space both inside and outside to eat. As well as the burgers, fries with pink Himalayan rock salt are available, and a selection of craft beers. The staff at Halo Burger are also incredibly friendly and were really well-informed of what goes into the making of each burger and what the mission of the venture is. Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, pescetarian, carnivore or just a total garbage guts like us, we’d recommend popping past Halo Burger and checking out what they’ve got on offer.

All photos taken on a Nokia 9 Pureview

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