Have we found Sydney’s best BRGR?

Food at BRGR Artarmon

We’re two gals who have eaten a lot of burgers in our time, but we have to say, BRGR hands down have some of the best burgers we’ve ever eaten. This is mostly due to the incredible patties made in-house every day, and the fresh produce.

Located in Artarmon, BRGR take pride in crafting everything in their burgers themselves, from the patty to the bun, and even some of the sauces layered inside. They also use fresh produce like lettuce and tomato, which definitely makes a difference in flavour.

  • Mighty BRGR at BRGR Artarmon
  • BRGR BRGR at BRGR Artarmon

Let’s start with the patty. BRGR smash their patties in-house to ensure there’s the perfect amount of 100% grass fed premium Black Angus Beef, free from hormones, preservatives, additives and antibiotics. They also grind them fresh daily, to keep the beef perfectly moist without being greasy. That’s probably the number one thing we loved about BRGR’s burgers; they weren’t in the slightest greasy. Even though we went for two pretty hefty burgers, with double patties and triple cheese for Mel, the burgers held together really well, didn’t grease up our hands and didn’t ooze oil with every bite.

Another reason the burgers held together so well are the specially-made burger buns. The buns we had were super soft and buttery, and held together like a dream, even with all the cheese and sauce. Seriously, the structural integrity of these burgers was insane.

Chicken wing and tenders at BRGR Artarmon

Like any good burger joint, BRGR also offer a range of tasty sides to load up on. We went for crispy wings, chicken tenders, sweet potato fries and regular fries, because nothing excites us quite like a huge feast. Both the wings and the tenders were moist and had just the right amount of crunchy coating on the outside, while the fries had a delicious, salty seasoning on them that kept us going back for more. The potato fries were also great, and we mixed and matched everything with a range of BRGR’s sauces, with two of our favourites being the signature BRGR sauce and BBQ.

We sweetened the evening up by finishing things off with some decadent thickshakes in two classic flavours; chocolate and salted caramel. The shakes were thick and sweet just like you’d expect from a good thickshake, and we polished these off in no time.

Thickshakes at BRGR Artarmon

If you’re keen to see if these burgers truly are as delicious, grease-free and structurally intact as we say they are, you can check BRGR out at their location in Artarmon, or on Deliveroo and Uber Eats.

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