Forget flying to Melbourne, Adelaide finally gets its own H&M!

Adelaide’s fashion folk are jumping for joy at this week’s exciting news: yes, that’s right, Swedish retail giant H&M is coming to Adelaide, finally!

When travelling, you can find H&M just about everywhere. It’s one of the main fashion stores Adelaidians make sure to visit on a quick trip to Melbourne, and one of the many overseas. An ever-updating, ever-trendy line of fast and affordable fashion makes H&M a crowd favourite.

Although we, ourselves, are currently situated in London and finding a H&M on every corner, we can’t help but share the feelings of excitement spreading throughout the Adelaide community. Waking to the news on Facebook this morning, we could just sense the buzz all over our social media. There is no doubt that the introduction of a four-storey H&M, as part of the redevelopment of Rundle Mall Plaza, is going to dramatically transform the Rundle Mall shopping experience.

Quoted by H&M Australia and New Zealand manager Hans Andersson, “We wanted to have the best location possible and now we have it, finally,” he said.

We’ve heard rumours of Uniqlo joining the $40 million redevelopment, too… Well guys, isn’t this is news simply fabulous? With all these up and coming redevelopments to be completed, we can’t wait to watch Adelaide grow!


Image: sourced from Broadsheet Adelaide

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