At home facials made easy with Dermoi App

Introducing the UberEats of the beauty world: Dermoi is a brand new app serving up at-home advanced facials and delivering a therapist right to your door in as little as two hours.

Whether you’re lounging about at home, in need of some relaxation at the office or staying at a hotel and require a little pampering, Dermoi is the answer. One click of a button and you’ll be feelin’ fresh in no time without having to leave the house, move or really do anything at all!

We trialled the app this week to see just how easy it was to use. On a Tuesday night, Mel’s lovely therapist Emily came around to treat her skin. Emily was nothing short of friendly and professional, setting her station up in a quick 5 minutes on the living room couch.

Emily handed over a questionnaire form to fill out, which would help her decide what type of treatment she would offer. The result for Mel was an oily skin treatment to help aid blemishes and open pores. During the facial, Emily was super informative and passionate about her work. She broke down each step, which Mel noted down as the following:

  1. Concentration and cleanse
  2. Exfoliating
  3. Pre Treatment
  4. Vitamin A infusion
  5. Soothing mask
  6. Use of LED light
  7. Vitamin A serum

It was an hour long process and, while waiting for the Vitamin A to infuse, she offered Mel a choice of either scalp or shoulder massage – ultimate relaxation!

Mel’s fave part was the exfoliant because it smelt DELICIOUS. Emily used a cranberry exfoliant with beads so small that it barely felt like an exfoliant at all. It was also super interesting to have advanced technology such as the LED light being used in your own home – you’d usually associate tecchy stuff like that with in-salon treatment only. Welcome to 2018!

The following Wednesday night, Kristen had her facial done with a different therapist. She has generally pretty dry skin, and since moving to London has suffered weird and sporadic pimples on her face, something she rarely had in Australia! As well as the incredibly scented cranberry scrub, the therapist used some products specifically designed to hydrate and clear her skin.

The three main Osmosis products she used were Willow Herb, a powder used to calm and reduce inflammation, L-Hyaluronic Acid, a moisture delivery powder and Hydralift, a moisturising and firming face mask. Unfortunately, the LED light seemed to be broken/ out of battery, as the therapist tried to use it only to have it turn off quickly each time!

Even though her skin was feeling nourished after the facial, she was told it would feel even better after a few days, and it did. A week later and her skin is still clear and free of dry patches, giving her a smooth base to apply her makeup.

To learn more about Dermoi, either download the app or follow through to the official website here. We couldn’t recommend it more to someone who’s in need of a little destressing in their lives, or someone who would simply like to learn more about their skin and how to treat it appropriately without leaving the comfort of their couch.

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