Hops on Top at SFG Club

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There’s never not something happening on SFG Club, as you may have noticed by now from our many posts of our adventures on this rooftop in East London. The latest in their fun endeavours is the Hops on Top tent, a cosy spot where you can curl up on a couch with one of their 50 craft beers from around the world.

On Saturday nights, if you head over to the Hops on Top tent you can even register to take part in a FREE tasting session. Spanning beer, mezcal, whisky gin and tequila, there’s sure to be something for everyone there.

hops on top sfg club

Never ones to need much of an excuse to head to SFG Club, we went along to take part in one of their craft beer tastings with esteemed sommelier Melissa Cole. Under her watchful eye, we learned how to properly swirl and smell the aroma of the beer (with your hand over the cup, then sticking your nose in for a whiff), as well as how to properly taste the beer. Fun fact: most of us at the tasting were under the impression that you had different sets of taste buds throughout your mouth which picked up on different tastes, like sweet, salty and sour. Melissa informed us this is actually a total lie, and now we question everything.

We tried quite a variety of beer, from Australia to Germany. Some of our faves were the Tiny Rebel ‘Cwtch’, a Welsh red ale that was malty and delicious, and the classic Hoegaarden ‘Witbier’, a really sweet and light wheat beer with hints of coriander and orange peel.

hops on top sfg club

As well as enjoying some tasty drinks, there’s always plenty of other activities to take part in at SFG Club. From crazy golf to curling, shuffleboard to VR foosball, it’s the perfect adult’s playground. Complete with some tasty food vendors and a spectacular view of London, what’s not to love?

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