Hospitalised: Dunies’ Demo Derby clip

Everyone’s favourite surfy wastrels Dune Rats have done it again, releasing their self-produced video for absolute head-banger ‘Demolition Derby’.

Taking an even crazier avenue than we’re used to, the Brisbane trio take us to the ER from your favourite worst nightmare in the new clip (sorry, Alex Turner).

Set in a hospital that is clearly not up to code, the boys are up to their usual antics – with the added bonuses of crossdressing, a fat-suit and a less-than scientifically accurate live birth.

We have Danny playing both a geriatric patient and a pornstar-esque female nurse, BC as a dangerously obese bloke and an equally raunchy nurse, and bassist Brett Jansch taking on stirring roles as both a pregnant lady and a ruggedly handsome delivery doctor.

Academy Award nominations aside, the video is grungy, grimy and a just little bit cringy (I can make up words in a Dune Rats piece, surely).

The song, which is the fifth single from the Dunies’ number one sophomore album ‘The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit’, is no exception to the band’s signature sound; it’s a trashy, knee-slapping, wave-riding, beer can-smashing anthem that you’ll either love to hate or hate to love.

Either way, though, you simply cannot help get a little psyched when these guys release something because, above all else, it’s a bloody great excuse to crack open a coldie.

Extra points for spotting the Dunies Lager can in the video – makes you wonder what sort of stockpile they’ve still got laying around.

Image: Music Feeds

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