I tried Modibodi period underwear: Here are my thoughts

Trying Modi Bodi Period Underwear

The topic of periods is always a bit taboo, but it’s something that affects almost every woman on the planet, so I feel like it’s something we should all be a little more open about. That’s why when Modibodi contacted us, I was super keen to give their period panties a go, testing them out for the rest of you guys, so you can make an informed decision on whether they’re right for you.

To both Mel and I, possibly the only thing worse than having our period is the fact we need to buy pads and tampons to deal with it, spending our hard-earned cash on sanitary products rather than on fun things like food and clothes. Thankfully in 2018, the Australian government decided to remove tax from pads and tampons, but you’ll still always find us going with the brand that’s on sale. The less we need to bother with all that, the better.

Pads and tampons are also single-use, which has a big impact on the environment. It’s something that until recent years has been pretty unavoidable, but if you’re open to it, there are now a couple of other eco-friendly and sustainable options popping up. One of those is Modibodi, a brand that has developed special leak-proof undies.

Trying Modi Bodi Period Underwear

What is Modibodi?

Originally designed for incontinence, Modibodi created and patented its own Modifier Technology™ leak proof undies, which have now expanded into a range of undergarments for pee, period, perspiration and pregnancy. There’s a variety of different absorbencies to suit your needs, from moisture-wicking for lightweight sweating to maxi 24-hour absorbency for heavy flows.

There are also a couple of different cute designs and cuts, from the classic bikini to the flattering French cut, with lace detailing, inserts and scalloped trims.

As well as being leak-proof these panties are also odour-free, and simply require you to rinse them in the sink or shower, before running them through a cold wash in the machine. This means they’re totally reusable, saving you the cost of pads and tampons in the long run, as well as being better for the environment.

Trying Modi Bodi Period Underwear

My experience with Modibodi

At first, I was a little hesitant about period underwear as I had quite a few questions. Were they really leakproof? Wouldn’t washing period undies be gross? However in the name of progress and our blog, I decided to give them a go.

As I only had a couple of pairs, I decided to ease myself into the period panty world by wearing them a few days before the end of my cycle, when my flow wasn’t so heavy. This way I wasn’t as worried about leakage, as I knew there wouldn’t be that much to deal with anyway. I opted for the light-moderate absorbency for this reason, and I was honestly so surprised.

I tried them in the black colour, and due to this, you couldn’t even see the blood. The underwear was incredibly comfortable (like seriously, way more comfortable than normal cotton underwear), and it felt like I didn’t even have my period. As promised, there was no leakage or odour, and by the end of the first day I was a sold Modibodi convert. When I got home I just brought them into the shower with me and washed them there, then chucked on a load of dark washing and was good to go.

The period panty verdict

I can honestly say that I was surprised by how well Modibodi’s period underwear worked. I didn’t think I would like them as much as I did, and they were so comfortable to wear. Next cycle I’d definitely feel more confident trying the moderate-heavy absorbency throughout the duration of my period, rather than just at the end, and I’m probably going to buy a couple of extra pairs of moisture-wicking for sweaty gym days. 12/10 would recommend, sign me up to the Modibodi club!

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