In Manoosh’s pizza we crust

6 Meats Pizza Manoosh Pizzeria

Sometimes we just want to curl up on the couch in our PJs and get cheesy with a big saucy, loaded pizza. For those nights, we may have found a new fave pizza joint, Manoosh Pizzeria. With locations all around Sydney, locals have probably dived into a box or two from this takeaway staple. For those who haven’t, let us give you a tour of our picks from the menu.

First up we have the 6 Meats Pizza, piled high with slow-cooked tender beef, smoked leg ham, pepperoni, chicken breast, smoked chorizo and sujuk beef sausage. To complement the meatiness, stringy mozzarella and BBQ sauce complete this masterpiece. Other honourable pizza creations we’re keen to try are the King Garlic Prawns, with onion, olives, mozzarella, feta, and the Chilli Chicken, with roast chicken and capsicum, feta and peri peri sauce.

6 Meats Pizza Manoosh Pizzeria

It would be a crime to order pizza and not get garlic bread. You could order the traditional-style garlic bread from Manoosh, or you could commit to the feast and get the Deluxe Garlic Bread, stuffed with halloumi and mushrooms. We obviously went for the second option, and it was truly garlicy, cheesy, buttery heaven.

If you’re after something slightly healthier, Manoosh has a range of delish wraps to choose from. We opted for the Garlic Goddess and Mustard Deluxe, both with lamb kofta. The wraps come with all your usual veggies like tomato, lettuce, onion, with differences in sauce and tasty extras (like halloumi on the Mustard Deluxe). They all come in a freshly baked Lebanese-style wrap, which was super soft and delish.

Garlic Goddess & Mustard Deluxe Wrap Manoosh Pizzeria

The Waterloo Manoosh is our local, and we find all the staff there super friendly and nice, even when they’re being absolutely smashed on a Friday night. You can pop into your local, or order delivery right to your door, and not even bother getting changed out of your PJs. Sounds like a perfect Sunday night to us.

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