Introducing Cult & Harper in Port Adelaide

Cult & Harper is an art gallery, a studio, a bar and a quirky retail store all incorporated into one particular area within the city’s northwest, Port Adelaide.

The exact location of the creative space is on the Port’s main strip (168 St Vincent Street) where a colonial, untouched feel still remains with much of the infrastructure.

Thanks to Renew Adelaide and the unrelenting efforts of one artistic power couple, the official launch of Cult & Harper took place on Friday September 8, as people eagerly began pouring into the 400sqm loft at twilight.

The creators, musician Jarrad Lee Jackson and artist, Lisa King had spent months working tirelessly on their ambitious undertaking, even admitting to some sleep deprivation along the way.

Doing much of the rework by themselves, the two were determined to see it all come to fruition and to show people what the Port has to offer, with its modest potential.

“Before we found this space, we were thinking of moving interstate. But then we saw it and we were kind of enlightened… we want to build a creative community here [we thought],” Lisa revealed.

If her previous work is anything to go by, in particular the hard to miss 80s-themed mural in front of Hindley Street’s Jive, we suspect Cult & Harper will soon showcase many memorable pieces and adept artists.

We got our first taste of this on their opening night where the artist on show was Julia Townsend. Her brightly-coloured, geometric works of abstraction, being displayed on the freshly-painted, pure white walls, were giving us a real feast for the eyes.

And for those that find themselves feeling inspired, the retail section of Cult & Harper also stocks MONTANA-CANS: high-quality German-made spray paints, as well as some other exclusive clothing brands.

Cult & Harper is definitely worth the visit, but that goes without saying. The eclectic multiuse space, with much artistic ability exhibited all throughout in an otherwise inconspicuous Port Adelaide building seemingly sells itself.

Visit their website, Instagram and Facebook for more.

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