Introducing Strangway to the Adelaide music scene

Despite the cool weather, the Ed Castle was abuzz Friday night with a number of supporters eagerly waiting to hear the sounds of new kids on the block, Strangway.

Strangway is a local 5 piece band, consisting of keys, bass, guitar, drums and vocals. The boys were taking part in their first gig, but if you did not know, you would never have suspected. They were sharp and cultivated in both their music and performance.

Starting off somewhat gently, Strangway had the audience engaged from the first note. Their sound was polished and well produced, yet refreshingly youthful. It still contained the endearing naivety that you want from a band of young men, but at the same time you felt you were witnessing a group that were well seasoned.

The unique sound of Strangway makes it difficult to define and compare, but for the sake of doing so, think a psychedelic feel like that of Tame Impala, the pop-rock sounds of Unknown Mortal Orchestra and perhaps even a little blues influence. Whilst difficult to really assign the sound to a single genre, the boys are undoubtedly founded in rock. Although, this is no garage-band; any hint of grunge is only a sophisticated version of it. There is complexity to the sound, but it is presented in a simplistic way that really resonated with the audience and simply just worked.

Strangway in action

Strangway in action

Being a member of this audience was the ultimate pleasure. You did not feel like a spectator at this event, but like you were partying with the band. Strangway’s stage presence was so natural and, in a sense, approachable, that the crowd could not help but feel like they were on their side right from the start. As the pace of the music picked up, it took the audience right along with it. It has been some time since I have seen a crowd having such a good time at a live music act.

Above all, this was a night of so much fun. The incredible musical talent and stage presence of these boys made it clear to all who were there that Strangway is one to watch.

Catch Strangway at their next gig at Rocket Bar on June 9th.

Listen to them at:


Images: Paloma Ellery and Alexandra Lowe

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