Is an investment piece really worth the price?

Luxury items are no longer pieces worn by celebs and coveted from a distance by most. Ask any fashion-forward individual and they’ve probably saved many hard-earned pennies to buy a Saint Laurent ‘Kate’ chain bag.

But with a hefty $3,000 price tag, how are 21-year-old Uni students affording to shell out, and why? Speaking from personal experience, we’re going to run you through a few of the reasons why we’ve chosen to splurge to help you decide if that investment piece is really worth the price.

The main reason many choose to invest rather than impulse buy is due to the quality of the product and the guarantee of an ethical production ring. For example, Chanel uses only the best ateliers in Europe to create their designs, down to the smallest detail like getting pleats made at the iconic Lognon. You can be guaranteed these workers have fair work arrangements, and the quality of the materials and craftsmanship will last you throughout the years.

Givenchy 'Antigona' Clutch, Tiffany & Co Jewellery

Givenchy ‘Antigona’ Clutch, Tiffany & Co Jewellery

Speaking of lasting, many of the styles worth the investment will be classic and timeless, meaning you won’t need to replace your handbag every year or so. Though affordable initially, buying a cheap handbag every year adds up. While trending, statement handbags might lift a couple of your outfits, they’re not going to match with everything, requiring multiple handbag purchases a season.

When fast fashion pieces break down, it holds no value and eventually ends up in landfill. A film that explains how this excessive waste is horribly affecting out planet is The True Cost, and we’d highly recommend watching it. A designer piece will not only hold its quality but also value, meaning that once you’re done with it you can sell it and put the funds towards your next investment piece.

Saint Laurent 'Blogger' Bag

Saint Laurent ‘Blogger’ Bag

Selling your old pieces is a great way to put some cash towards those Gucci shoes you so desperately want, but there are a few ways you might even find a bargain on a luxe piece. Though you’re not about to find a pair of highly-coveted Gucci slides in the sale bin anytime soon, websites like Lyst offer an option to subscribe to updates on specific search terms like ‘Gucci flats’, and hearting an item will let you know when that item goes on sale.

So while a luxury item might be a big initial spend, the investment in your wardrobe and our planet will reward you for years to come.

Cover photo: Sourced from Gucci

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