It’s Showtime at Gluttony!


Gluttony’s stand-alone show for 2016 is Showtime, and it lives up to the hype. A wonderful Vegas spectacular with baffling magic, hilarious comedy, beautiful singing and insane circus tricks, Showtime is a dazzling spectacular that we guarantee will entertain audiences at the Fringe.

The show is hosted by previous Circuz Oz feature comedian Justin Sane, who manages to be both entirely goofy and supremely clever with his witty jokes and crafty tricks using hats and ping pong balls. Far from being awkward or boring, Justin Sane carries the show from act to act seamlessly, never leaving a dull moment.

Reuben Kuan has come from being the only acrobat in Cirque Du Soleil to specialise in Chinese Pole and will blow your mind with the gravity-defying tricks he performs high above the audience. He makes a second reappearance to perform some crazy feats of strength and flexibility, while entertaining the audience with his effortless charm and cheek.

Winner of Sweden’s Got Talent Charlie Caper is the magician of the evening, and presents a number of disappearing and reappearing acts with multiple objects at a speed that will leave you entirely baffled as to how the magic was performed. If you can figure out how his bow-tie keeps disappearing and reappearing in places throughout the show, give us a call because we’d sure like to know.

Local Adelaide opera star Michaela Burger plays a vivacious French siren who sings about love and all things French. Well, sort of French. Michaela’s ringing vocals and comedic performance add an incredible element of sound to a very visual show.

The dazzling showgirl seen on the Showtime posters all over town is Lisa Lottie, a TEDx Speaker and popular YouTuber. Lisa helps Justin Sane carry the show in-between acts with crazy acts of flexibility and contorting, until the end when she astounds the audience with a mesmerising hula hoop routine. Her dazzling costume and large hair are reminiscent of Effie Trinket, and Lisa finishes the show on a high note with her wonderful acrobatic skills.

The larger-than-life stage presence of the performers fills the entire venue, and with plenty of audience participation it furthers the feeling that every audience member is sitting on the edge of their seats waiting to see what will happen next. Showtime is one of those brilliant circus shows that everyone will enjoy and shows are on every Tuesday to Sunday until the end of Fringe.

We rate: ★★★★ 4.5/5 stars

Images from Adelaide Fringe Festival

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