iZZ! canned cocktails are the life of any party

iZZ! Canned Cocktails

Gone are the days people were happy to drink watery beers and cheap ciders. In 2022 we expect the drinks we enjoy at home to be as good as the ones we sip on at a bar, and the alcohol market has risen to the challenge. One newcomer throwing their hat into the ring of ready-to-drink beverages is iZZ!, a funky canned cocktail brand that promises to be as tasty as it is light.

iZZ! have launched with two initial sparkling cocktails, although we imagine more will be on the cards soon. The watermelon margarita is made using agave spirit, watermelon, lime and salt, while the passionfruit mojito has rum, passionfruit, lime and mint.

iZZ! Canned Cocktails

Australian-owned and made, iZZ! drinks are mixologist-crafted using only premium spirits and natural ingredients. They’re wonderfully low-cal, low-carb and low sugar, so you can enjoy a tasty cocktail without the huge sugar high and crash. Each can is one standard drink, making them a great option for those who want to enjoy a few drinks without getting too sloppy.

iZZ! believe you shouldn’t have to pause a conversation to enjoy a tasty cocktail. They want you to kiss the cocktail shaker goodbye so you can maintain the vibe and keep being the effortless life of the party you are. If you’re keen to try some iZZ! cocktails, you can shop them at Dan Murphy’s and BWS around Australia.

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