Keep your brows on fleek at The Brow Bench

the brow bench

Recently I had the pleasure of having my brows polished at The Brow Bench by specialist Jessica Dover. Located at Style Hutt, Brighton Rd, this is the one stop shop to get weekend ready!

What’s better than relaxing while you get your brows threaded at The Brow Bench and being surrounded by an array of gorgeous outfits from Style Hutt’s stunning selection? You’d be sure to find an outfit for any special occasion.

If that’s not enough, I’d pop back in just to have a chat with Jess again!

Jess finished her course six months ago with the Adelaide Threading Academy and practiced for a further four months before she began The Brow Bench.

the brow bench

Jess is in her final year of her primary teaching degree and says starting a business while studying is difficult, but her love for what she does and the people she meets makes it so worth it.

“I’m obsessed with eyebrows! My eyebrows used to be really thin on the ends so I grew them out and became obsessed with them, and then eyebrows started becoming a trend.”

“I love meeting all the amazing clients, everyone is so lovely and you get to meet people from all over Adelaide which is really nice.”

“But it is also nice to make someone feel good about themselves. Everyone loves getting their brows done because it’s such as big craze at the moment, everyone is all about brows, so the second you improve someone’s brows it’s really nice.”

Jess never expected The Brow Bench to take off the way it has and says she is trying to book as many people as she can while she is currently on full time placement.

“Word of mouth and the power of Instagram helped me, now every session I’ve got I’m basically booked out!”

the brow bench

Jess currently has Thursday and Friday evenings, as well as Sunday mornings available. She says this works out well as everyone wants to get their eyebrows done towards the end of the week ready for the weekend.

The Brow Bench offers eyebrow threading and tinting, and plans to start eyelash tinting too when she finishes her placement.

To make a booking, simply head to The Brow Bench’s Instagram page @thebrowbench and contact her via direct message.

You can find The Brow Bench inside Style Hutt Hire at 255 Brighton Rd, Somerton Park.


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