Lady Abercorn’s launches pop up with Bulleit & Sophie Mo

It’s a Monday morning and we’re coming into work wearing short sleeves on a slightly warmer day. People make comments on our new tattoo… ‘but what new tattoo?’ we ask ourselves. Looking down to our wrists, we see the somewhat faded illustration of one of those DIY stick on tattoos from last weekend’s ‘Lady A’ launch. Oops, forgot about that one.

However, we’re brought back to a flood of fond memories from this launch night. Namely the cocktails. And the banter. Lady Abercorn’s Pub & Kitchen are a friendly bunch, and the venue itself is both spacious yet cosy with oak-panelled walls and artfully carved ceilings. Centrally located on Liverpool Street, it’s a great place to enjoy after work drinks or a more than decent pub meal with your mates.

Fancy Ye Old Fashioned? Lady Abercorn's

Fancy Ye Old Fashioned?

We attended the launch night last Thursday in celebration of Lady Abercorn’s brand new pop up: the ‘Lady A’ Parlour. Created in conjunction with Bulleit Whiskey and tattoo artist Sophie Mo, this pop up will be serving all sorts of delicious whiskey-infused food and drink for guests to enjoy. It will also offer masterclasses/tattoo consultancy with Sophie Mo. Being tucked away in a separate room, the pop up features neon piping in the style of tattoo art decorating the walls; it’s a little escape from the bustling main room.

Lady Abercorn's

CHAI this at home cocktail and Scotch Egg.

On the night, we dabbled in a number of these whiskey-infused offerings. The Burger Rush featured Lady A Bulleit sauce atop homemade onion relish and highland venison. A hearty Scotch Egg was also on the cards, complete with Bulleit bourbon and horseradish creme fraiche. Our favourite pick was the Beetroot Parcels with cale feta, pine nuts and a seriously more-ish Bulleit BBQ sauce. To finish, we licked our plate clean after practically inhaling the Salted Caramel Bourbon Ice Cream Sandwich. A little shot of honey truffle Bulleit bourbon accompanied this sweet goodness an absolute treat.

Salted Caramel Bourbon Ice Cream Sandwich and honey truffle Bulleit shot. Lady Abercorn's

Salted Caramel Bourbon Ice Cream Sandwich and honey truffle Bulleit shot.

As for the cocktails, there were five different aptly named types up for grabs: the Quincy Cidre, Ye Old Fashioned, Mate Rye here, IScream and CHAI this at home. Lady A was getting seriously creative with the names here! The CHAI this at home was a heart-warming pick, combining chai tea, maple, walnut, milk, coconut and bulleit bourbon. We also drank our fair share of Ye Old Fashioned, loving the hazelnut twist they put on this seasoned classic.

The whole pop up is paying homage to Lady A herself (the creative and illustrious landlady of the venue). To find out more, follow the link here.