Lady Beatle at Adelaide Cabaret Festival

“Reality leaves a lot to the imagination”, said John Lennon.

It is a statement which Adelaide Cabaret Festival show Lady Beatle aligns itself with, and what a well suited alignment it is. Lady Beatle guides your imagination in a way that allows you to understand the themes of love, loneliness and belonging that are ever present in the music of The Beatles.

This is a show for fans of The Beatles and live music-goers alike. The five piece band is lead by the star of the production, Naomi Price, with a voice that fills the room and breathes new life into the timeless classics of The Beatles. It is a voice that never wavers, getting seemingly stronger as the show goes on.

Everything in this show is executed so well, with it paying honourable and just tribute to The Beatles’ music. The songs are performed in a way that is innovative, but also stays true to the original artists’ versions. It keeps you engaged because you are witnessing something that is new and exciting, but the comfort of familiarity means that you are confident to sing along and perhaps even get up for a twist and shout.

But this is not just a cover band performing a concert – this is a touching, funny and intriguing story. It is one that will have you laughing, and maybe even cause you to shed a tear. Much like the music of The Beatles, it takes the everyday occurrences that we all live through and gives them meaning. It is a show that speaks to you because it is relatable.

There is much to love about this show. From the outfits to the jokes. It is glittery yet dire – and at exactly the right moments. Open yourself up to being moved by Lady Beatle, and you will be. So why not hop aboard the yellow submarine and, with a little help from your friends, we hope you will enjoy the show.


Image: Adelaide Cabaret Festival website

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