The Laser Lounge West Lakes Celebrates its First Birthday!

After a year of success, premium service and the development of a strong client base, the Laser Lounge West Lakes turns one!

With services such as Microdermabrasion, oxygen facials, spider-vein removal and light therapy, Laser Lounge caters to a diverse range of skin types and targets a multitude of problems to help each individual client achieve their desired beauty results.

The clinic has been operating for the past five years, but when current owner and therapist Alexia Atsikbasis took over last year, Laser Lounge received its own kind of therapy. The business has since transformed into one of Adelaide’s most reputable paramedical beauty locations, offering quality services using only the best products on the market.

Happy Birthday Laser Lounge West Lakes!

Happy Birthday Laser Lounge West Lakes!

Some of the specialised products and technology include:

Omnilux: Light Therapy technology used to target acne and rejuvenate aged skin.
DMK: Enzyme Therapy mask treatments used to improve skin tone and pigmentation.
Restylane: Accompanied by RIGHT4U aesthetic treatment, Restylane is a Dermal Filler that promises fullness, definition, and balance restoration to the lips.
Regen Lab: A system involving Platelet Rich Plasma (blood collected from you) used to improve overall skin texture and tone.

The Laser Lounge has taken a family orientated business ethos, drawing a strong focus towards client experience to maintain a trusted relationship with anyone who steps foot through the door.

Laser Lounge West Lakes has an extensive range of products and services.

Laser Lounge West Lakes has an extensive range of products and services.

“Life has become so fast paced and many people receive rushed ‘in-and-out’ treatments, but that’s just not who we are… Our services and treatments are second to none and we demand excellence, which is why we take the necessary time during treatments,” says Alexia.

The girls devote their time to education, ensuring their clients are fully aware and comfortable with procedures. They achieve this by always taking suitability, preference, and individual concerns into account before proceeding, as they recognize that clinics can often be intimidating places.

Consultations with the girls are always professional, personal and honest, so there’s never that sense of fear or unease that comes with unfamiliarity. On top of the warm service is the brains behind it all. The experience shared between the workers, including Alexia Atsikbasis herself who has ten years of experience under her belt, has accumulated a service that Alexia defines as the “Rolls Royce” of the paramedical beauty industry. The team at Laser Lounge know the science behind your skin and put their knowledge into effect during every visit.

Laser Lounge West Lakes turns one!

Laser Lounge West Lakes turns one!

Alexia says “Our registered nurse is always available in the clinic and plays an important role in many of our procedures. When she’s not at The Laser Lounge, she works as a nurse in the ICU, so I know we’re providing our clients with the absolute best care and expertise possible”.

Congratulations to Alexia and the team for reaching this milestone! We can see many years of success ahead.


Photography by Erin Paterson

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