Late Night Nonsense – Variety Show: Adelaide Fringe

The Fringe website’s description of Late Night Nonsense is ‘absurdist comedy’, but that would be selling this show short.

These young women are quirky, hilarious, and oddly gorgeous when not meaning to be. All the while, they deliver an array of skits with hysterical facial expressions, perfect timing, and an embracive stance towards improvisation, bizarre costumes, props, and audience contact.

Taking place at the Niche, positioned upstairs in The Producer’s Bar (a stone’s throw from Gluttony and The Garden), the intimate space provides a dynamic setting for a performance that doesn’t need to make much sense to invoke plenty of laughs.

With acting backgrounds in a prestigious French clown school once attended by Sacha Baron Cohen, this delightful trio of internationals will take you on a journey through their inclusive but non-invasive interaction with crowd members. Their ability to bring their audience to the right level shouldn’t be understated.

In moments where you think you’re getting a read on the situation, they will suddenly throw in something that is undoubtedly from left field. Your resulting confusion can only transition into laughter, as even a simple smirk, grunt, or gesture becomes the punchline due to it being held with such conviction.

By all accounts, the performance is different every night and with the affordable cover charge you should definitely check it out as a way to cap off a visit to the Fringe. Having a few drinks beforehand is also recommended—but not necessary—in this voyage to the unknown.

Take a risk on something a little strange; this is the type of show that arts festivals are all about. You’ll have a blast visiting the peculiar minds of three hilarious girls—even if you might have trouble explaining to your friends what you just witnessed.

★★★★1/2   4.5/5 stars

Late Night Nonsense is running every night of The Adelaide Fringe (excluding Mondays) at The Producer’s Bar, 11pm. Tickets available online, via the Fringe Box Office, or at the venue. 


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