Malan Breton hosts an immersive 1920’s themed presentation for LFW

The House of St Barnabas, a Grade I Listed Georgian building located in the central location of Soho Square, also played host to Malan Breton‘s glamorous AW19 London Fashion Week presentation last week.

An excited, somewhat antsy crowd of the usual swanning fashion folk swarm the entrance of this historic spot on the night of the presentation. Needless to say, it’s a downright fight to get even one stiletto-strapped foot inside. With constructions narrowing the pathway to the entrance, we’re all squashed up with our sparkling sequin blazers and fur coats brushing aggressively against one another. A sign as to what one would assume must be a very good show, no?

Being among the lucky few to get in first, it’s deemed well worth the scuffle from the moment we step inside. The fitout was absolutely stunning, exuding a sense of 1920’s glamour, carrying right from the moment you enter to the moment you depart. We wandered through a world full of lavishly dressed historical characters, feeling almost like we were a part of an immersive game of Cluedo. Every character boasted a stunning Malan Breton fit, some standing and chatting merrily over a gin martini, others draping themselves elegantly over plush leather couches. We particularly fell in love with the modernised touch, styling graceful dresses and luxe evening coats with chunky, embellished sneakers from Sketchers. In every corner, there was something particularly extravagant to gush over.

Malan Breton had organised the opening room to be the holy chapel and, thus, the most grand. With organ music playing dramatically, characters were slow-dancing stationary in their allocated spots, posing picture perfect for the cameras. Men bore lush, tailored suits and women swayed in their arms, adorned by elaborate evening gowns. Central to the room was a luxurious tulle gown spilling out over the tiles (we had to be ever so careful not to step on the train!). The star couple looked as though they were truly enjoying themselves, playing their parts to a tee.

Following the models holding signage in the form of Hollywood clapper boards, we made dizzying lefts and rights until we reached a buzzing bar, where guests joined the characters in sipping on a glass or two. The theatre room sat close, where groups of ten or so were ushered inside to enjoy a rehearsed piece. Models descended elegantly downstairs, the leading lady boasting an androgynous cape and trousers composite made of a matching gun metal grey weave. Her striking black patent thigh high boots drew attention from every corner of the room as she strutted with confidence, seductively eyeing every member of the audience on her descent. And in the blink of an eye, she had ascended back upstairs, ready for the next group of onlookers to seduce.

The whole exhibition really left us thirsting for that 1920’s essence of pure indulgence. The romance, the lust, the squandering luxury that we just don’t experience in the same way today. Due to this overpowering ambience, we have to admit Malan Breton’s show won top spot on our LFW adventures this season. It was just such a beautiful and unique concept for a fashion show in comparison to the runways we regularly attend. Upon reflection, we wish we could relive it again.


Images: Provided by Pop PR