Master French-Girl Beauty with Domeni Skincare

Domeni Skincare

Yep, you know exactly what we mean by ‘French-girl beauty’. That natural, effortless, spot-free complexion that has you glowing from AM to PM. It’s certainly no secret that French women know how to treat their skin right. Rocking minimal make-up coverage and engaging in a careful skincare routine daily sure does its wonders! Lo and behold, brand new Aussie skincare brand Domeni Skincare aspires to help you reach your full ‘French-girl’ potential.

While they have a rather small range of products, the selection is effective. Having fewer products makes it easier to choose what best suits your needs, and eliminates the overwhelming nature of having to choose between a bunch of different choices for the same product. With a total of less than 10 products, choose between Domeni’s lush creams, exfoliators, serums and facial oils.

Our Domeni Picks

We picked out a couple of products to try for ourselves and have been enjoying them over the past few weeks. The Cleansing Exfoliator was our first choice, buffing away dead skin cells and unclogging pores. With fine beads and a soft texture, Domeni’s exfoliator is on the gentler side of things. This is great, as some exfoliators can actually be rather abrasive and aggressive on the skin. Apply this exfoliator to reveal your natural, dewy glow and allow your other skincare products to penetrate deeper into the skin.

  • Domeni Skincare
  • Domeni Skincare

The Day Dream Daily Cream is a lightweight moisturiser that ‘pollution-proofs’ your skin, defending against external chemicals and also adding hydration. Ingredients include Agave Nectar, a plant biotic containing high levels of fructose and glucose to help lock in moisture; and Lactobacillus, a probiotic delivering healthy bacteria to the skin. The cream is complimented with the natural aroma of Geranium and Cucumber – mmmm, totally relaxing.

So whether you’re looking to start a new skincare routine with complementary products, or are simply looking to change something in a pre-existing routine, Domeni Skincare has an easily navigable selection that’ll leave you softer than a baby’s bottom. With a touch of Parisian perfection, of course. Pass us a beret and baguette already, s’il vous plait.

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