Meet our favourite new luxury make-up brushes from Nikkia Joy Cosmetics

Sure, having high-quality makeup makes a world of difference. But what about the tools you use to apply it? Well, if you’re relatively new to the world of quality makeup, it’s important to recognise that quality makeup brushes are equally important for a flawless finish. Having the right tools makes the application process precise, pigmented, and fundamentally easier to do! That’s why we absolutely love our new brushes from Nikkia Joy Cosmetics (NJC).

Chances are you already know Nikkia Joy from YouTube and the socials. An Australian beauty YouTuber and makeup artist, Nikkia’s channels hone in on makeup tutorials, skincare tips, and all-around beauty goodness. With over 900,000 subscribers on YouTube and another 151,000 on Instagram, Nikkia’s built quite the following from her makeup talent. And it’s not hard to see why.

Informative and enjoyable to watch, it’s no secret Nikkia is an expert in her field. Now, she has her very own cosmetics company, specialising in lashes, loose pigments, and makeup brushes. We were so excited to collaborate with NJC, getting the chance to try out her luxury range of brushes.

The Essentials Brush Set was our set of choice, featuring a selection of four staple face brushes and six eye brushes. This includes: 

  • F01 – Luxe Foundation Brush (for applying cream, liquid and powder foundations) 
  • F02 – Luxe Powder Brush (for applying powder all over the face) 
  • F03 – Angled Contour Brush (for contouring cheeks, jawline and forehead) 
  • F05 – Tapered Powder Brush (for air brushed powder application including blush, bronzer and highlighter) 
  • E02 – Diffused Blend Brush (for diffused blending all over eye and through crease) 
  • E06 – Precision Blend Brush (for precise application and blending in small areas) 
  • E07 – Flat Shader Brush (for even application and blending of eyeshadow onto the lid) 
  • E10 – Precision Shader Brush (for precise application of eyeshadow to small areas) 
  • E12 – Pencil Brush (for precise eyeshadow application and blending) 
  • E13 – Angled Definer Brush (to create precise lines, fill in brows and apply eyeliner) 

Our all time favourite of this selection is the Luxe Foundation Brush. Featuring a wide circumference, thick and sturdy bristles, and a soft touch, this brush truly looks and feels expensive. They all do really, we just get a little more use out of this particular brush seeing as we wear foundation more than any of our other makeup products. The wide circumference ensures maximum coverage, and it spreads out so smooth and evenly. It’s such an essential.

We also love the Angled Contour Brush, which gives our bronzer the perfect finish. It’s a slightly flared brush, with an angled tip for cheekbones and under the jawline. For those who know us well, we both LOVE a sharp finish, and this brush does exactly that. However, the finish isn’t too sharp, as it applies slightly diffused thanks to the flared shape. This ensures the colour blends out easily and looks natural.

This set retails for $190, which is very well priced for the contents you receive. There are a couple of other great sets too, like The Flawless Base Set (face brushes only) and The Master Brush Set (full range). If you only need a couple of brushes, you can purchase them separately, too. Head to Nikkia Joy Cosmetics online to shop now.

Special thanks to Maven PR.

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