Men With Coconuts – Improv Comedy At The Adelaide Fringe

When well executed, improv comedy—in my humble opinion—is more impressive than any rehearsed piece. This is taking nothing away from standup comedians; their craft is downright arduous, but there is something intrinsically magical about humour being created in front of our very eyes.

The wit of Men With Coconuts is lightning-quick and their show at this year’s Adelaide Fringe Festival isn’t one to miss.

You’ll see a delivery that is both measured and quirky, perfectly complemented by brilliant voices and corresponding musical sentience. If that sounds like your cuppa tea, I implore you to catch them at the National Wine Centre.

This Scottish troupe is made up of four men; one on a keyboard and three who act out numerous characters and scenarios that are purely driven by outlandish crowd recommendations.  Although the topics can be completely ridiculous, the show still adheres to a structure, with each sketch leading us to a specific resolution. It’s how the cast is able to find their way there that is so damn hilarious.

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect is how well these guys read each other on stage, ensuring there is an uninterrupted flow shaping the story arc and one taking the lead when they have a strong idea. That is hard enough to do convincingly from an acting point of view, but to make it side-splittingly funny is just taking it to another level.

One skit is an absolute stand out, with the troupe choosing a couple from the crowd and trying to act out their first date with limited information. A rubber chicken is to sound with a correct display, a horn if they’re going down the wrong path. With both people having their hand on each, it made for a particularly hilarious insight into their relationship.

The show is closed with a fully-fledged musical, with the title and theme again suggested by the audience. This is where they take the performance to new heights—as if their comedic prowess hadn’t impressed us enough. On the night of my attendance, we were taken on a crack-up journey about ‘My weird uncle Gary’; on yours it’s going to be something else completely unique.

So damn talented.

A different show every night means you could keep going back and never get bored. I know I’ll certainly be returning.

★★★★★  5/5 stars

Men With Coconuts is playing at The National Wine Centre until the 1st March. Tickets available online or at The Fringe Box Office. 



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