Miller Harris launches dreamy pop-up for new fragrances

To celebrate the launch of independent London Perfumer Miller Harris‘ latest collection, we attended a stunning pop-up exhibition on a rooftop in Old Trewman Brewery.

Titled ‘Forage’, the new range features three fragrances inspired by the concept of urban foraging. ‘Hidden’ (on the rooftops), ‘Lost’ (in the city) and ‘Wander’ (through the parks) make up the collection, each appearing in a vibrant shade of blue, pink or green in a sleek square bottle.

Walking onto the rooftop, we were greeted with panoramic views of East London and beautiful cocktails designed to represent each of the fragrances. Heading into a grungy cement room, colourful flowers and sprawling greenery twisted and wound itself through installations and displays, designed by architects Al-Jawad Pike with Palais flowers.

Smoke drifted along the ground and the setting sun threw dreamy beams of light across each room, creating a surreal experience. This, combined with the fresh flora contrasting with the grungy venue helped show visually what each fragrance communicates; bursts of natural beauty poking through man-made structures and city sprawl.

Each installation has its own unique soundtrack, composed by Claudia Molitor, where guests could put on a pair of headphones and immerse themselves in the exhibition. Artwork by Emma Lee and Caroline Popham also donned the walls of one of the three rooms, adding an extra dimension to the display.

An elaborate cocktail bar used combined fresh botanicals and spirits to create unique cocktails, each finished with a spritz of the complementary fragrance around the glass. Combining the taste of the cocktails, the scent of the fragrance, the visuals of the displays and the unique soundtracks, this was truly an adventure of the senses.

Our favourite of the three fragrances is Lost, featuring lush, fresh greenery scents contrasted with sweet, sharp wild rhubarb.

If you’d like to purchase one of Miller Harris’ stunning new fragrances, you can head to their website here.

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