Motivate yourself to go back to Uni with this stationary guide

Your subjects are picked, your trip to O-Week has lessened your nerves and, above all, the excitement and anticipation for a new year of studying is finally here. Whether you’re a nervous first year or an experienced final year university student, the start of another year studying always feels something of a landmark in your life.

One of the most enjoyable parts of a new year, in our opinion, is definitely stationary shopping! Fresh pens, notebooks ready to be freshly christened with lecture notes and essay drafts, personalised pencil cases and quirky little extras are always around the place to make your year of studying a colourful one at best.

There are an overwhelming amount of stationary retailers around, especially since writing and creating unique handmade utensils took off on Instagram. If you’re a pastel person, there is a pencil set out there for you and if you tend to lean more so to the monochromatic palate, we can certainly see an array of options for you to indulge in.

So, where do you start? Never fear, we are here to help and found the stationary you should add to cart this year.

The Carbon Crusader ‘Fuelled By Coffee’ Pencil Set $5.23

The Blacklist ‘This Week’ Notepad $19.95

The Daily Edited Pencil Case $69.95

Kikki K A-4 Tab Notebook $14.95

Kate Spade Pastel Highlighter Set $20

Cover photo: The Daily Edited

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