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Oriental Scalp Clay shiro london
Oriental Scalp Clay

Japanese skincare is serious business, which is why when we came across Shiro at the Push Connect PR Day we were instantly drawn to it. The simple, sleek packaging, the natural ingredients and the incredible scents had us obsessed from the first moment, and before we knew it we were booked into an appointment at their Monmouth Street store to learn more.

The shop itself is enough to draw people in, even without knowing much about the brand. People passing by on the street would stop to admire the minimalist and contemporary décor, from the feature basin the centre of the room to the chic bottles standing upright on each wooden shelf.

The range uses unique ingredients sourced from Japan, with the exception of their Shea butter which is responsibly sourced from Ghana. Many of the ingredients can be found in Japanese cooking, like yuzu, seaweed and sake, and have been carefully extracted to help you make the most of their incredible benefits.

shiro london monmouth street

Spanning from cleansing balms and oils to serums, toners, moisturisers and everything in-between, there’s truly something for all skin types, ages and personal preferences. Their best-selling Tamanu Cleansing Oil was a favourite of ours, easily swiping off all the lipstick and highlighter swatches we had on our hands while leaving our skin feeling clean without feeling dry. The Tamanu Oil in Serum was another standout for us, making our skin feel like silk, and when used before bed is supposed to make your skin feel luxuriously soft in the morning.

One product we’d never seen before and were really fascinated by was the Oriental Scalp Clay. Coming in a bottle with a nozzle, this minty clay formula is designed to be used in your hair before washing, to help really cleanse and moisturise your scalp. Great for helping those with really oily hair or dandruff, it’s intended to be incredibly relaxing and therapeutic as well.

shiro london monmouth street

Even the beautiful makeup collection uses elements of the skincare range, like ginger in the lipglosses for a plumping effect and kombu in the brow palette to help stimulate hair growth. The makeup range is tailored towards the minimalist look, with beautifully lightweight and natural skin products with just a hint of colour coming through in the eye and lip ranges.

If you want to get down and try out this incredible skincare range, the staff at the Shiro Monmouth Street store are incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. Not only does it feel amazing on your skin, but every product also smells divine and will look amazing sitting on your bathroom shelf.

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