Relatable LOLs at Adelaide Comedy’s Next Gen


The Rhino Room will make you roar this Fringe Season particularly if you choose to see Adelaide Comedy’s Next Generation. The Adelaidian had the privilege of watching Adelaide’s upcoming talent in action on Wednesday evening and we assure you that it’s worth your time. Each of the four comedians perform for around 15 minutes, followed by an Adelaide comedy legend.

Liam Stapleton hosts the evening and has a great knack for audience participation which makes the show even more enjoyable. Like all five of the comedians, Liam’s stories and observations are very easy to relate to. At present, Liam co-hosts a breakfast show on Fresh FM with fellow next gen comedian Ben Harvey. Harvey’s awkwardly endearing persona makes him the perfect person to recount his observations on being in a new relationship. Following Harvey is Joshua Warrior who shares his stories about being a new dad with two kids and only one working eye. His somewhat wavering patience with his children leaves the audience in stitches. The last of the ‘next generation’ performers is Lewis Garnham, the recent Raw Comedy South Australian State Finalist and the 2015 winner of “Best Newcomer” for Adelaide Comedy. Lewis Garnham was my pick of the hat due to his youthful and relatable material. Lewis discusses everything from “Hotline Bling” artist Drake to the typical Red Square Saturday night party-goer. If you weren’t already having a cackle at this point (perhaps because you arrived late, otherwise I cannot fathom why), veteran Adelaide comedian Big Al will not disappoint. Big Al discusses relevant Adelaide topics as well as making light of himself.

I can only assume you’re already halfway to the Rhino Room by now, and ensure you get there quickly as there’s only TWO (I repeat two) nights left! The show begins at 6:15pm, but be sure to get there early to enjoy a pre-drink at the Howling Owl, located directly underneath.

Both Lewis Garnham and Joshua Warrior are also hosting solo shows at the Fringe, titled “What’s Golden?” and “Straight Outta Comedy” respectively. If you’re searching through the Fringe brochures for something fresh and relatable, these two shows should be your top picks.

Enjoy the LOLs.

We rate: ★★★★ 4/5 stars

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