Nicholas Allbrook ‘Advance’ Tour @ Pirie & Co. Social Club

Perth’s own Nicholas Allbrook returned to Adelaide last Thursday to celebrate the launch of his second LP Advance at Pirie & Co. Social Club presented by Yewth Magazine. Whilst juggling the works of POND and Allbrook/Avery, Nicholas Allbrook has managed to bring his own hypnotizing voice to the table with his new upcoming solo album.

Following local support acts Glass Skies and Druid Fluids, Nick humbly walked on stage and set up for his own show. With a subtle introduction, he kicked off the intimate gig with a voice that stole the audiences’ breath.

Now, if there is one word I could use to describe Nick and the way he performs, it would be passionate. Putting his entire body into his performance, he managed to captivate the crowd with his voice. And by that I mean, I literally could not take my eyes off him.

The intimate venue complimented his angelic voice perfectly as it rung through the vibrant basement, his guitar bouncing off the walls to create a flawless sound. After each song, the crowd burst into applaud and Nick meekly thanked them.

Creating a mood that one could just not escape, he left the audience (even myself) in awe, wanting more and more after every song. With quiet moments that demanded attention, and loud bursts in which he would walk into the crowd, Nicholas pulled off a mesmerizing performance that showcased the style of his work without flaw.

Nicholas Allbrook continues his Advance tour around Australia visiting a number of capital cities across the country.

Advance was released on March 11 through Spinning Top Records and you can listen to the single here:


Image: Pedestrian TV

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