Noosa Kiss adds a touch of luxury to everyday living

When it comes to body mists, a quick burst of freshness can go a long way. Whether you’re at your desk stuck for motivation or getting ready for the day ahead, there’s just something supremely soothing about taking a whiff of your favourite scent. That’s why we love to keep a Noosa Kiss body spray in our bag at all times.

Hailing from (you guessed it) Noosa, this body mist brand offers a boutique range of luxury scents to add to your collection. Their products focus on clean beauty, featuring Australian Native plant extracts, each with its own individual benefits and properties. When we use these light and refreshing mists, we instantly envision the aqua blue seas and white sandy shores for which Noosa is most famous.

The Noosa Kiss Gold is our go-to, consisting of Kakadu Plum fruit extract and a Blue Lotus scent. Kakadu Plum is known to contain high levels of antioxidant vitamin C, helping to diminish fine lines and firm delicate skin areas. With a scent that has been perfected by an Australian perfumer and refined in Paris, it’s no wonder we can’t get enough of this body mist. An alluring combination of floral and citrus makes it both cleansing and ever so relaxing to experience.

We love to use the Noosa Kiss Gold when we’re working hard at the office and are in need of a mood boost. It’s a medium-to-small bottle too, meaning it fits perfectly in our bags when we’re heading to after-work drinks or dinner with friends. We also love how sleek and sophisticated the bottle looks visually, meaning it places perfectly on our minimalist desktops and bedside tables at home.

While there are only two products in the range so far, Noosa Kiss is a brand new Aussie business we can only expect to see more from. Check out their website here if you’re keen on trying their body mists!

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