Olay Whips launches with lavish party at Sky Garden

Thirty-seven floors elevated off of the ground, you find yourself walking into a room surrounded by stretching sunset views over the sparkling London city skyline. There’s dry ice mist floating magically as you enter and waiters at the ready with an abundance of cocktails for you… if you weren’t mistaken, you’d have thought you were entering gates of heaven.

Well no, not quite, but close. This particular scene set the foundation for one of the most exorbitant product launch parties we’ve had the pleasure of attending this year: the Olay Whips launch.

What’s the first step to elevating your launch party to the next level? Ensure the venue is Instagrammable to the max. That’s precisely what Olay did, holding their event at one of London’s most famous high rise venues, Sky Garden. This Fenchurch rooftop restaurant certainly offers one of the most spectacular views of the city, that’s for sure.

Next step: add smoke machines/dry ice. It was perhaps one of the most dramatic and extra additions to the already OTT setting we could think of. Olay tied this element in seamlessly with the metaphorical phrase used to describe the new Whips product: “Light as air finish.” Just like the product itself, the launch party had now acquired this sense of ‘light airy-ness’ that simply added to its vibing atmosphere.

Instagram stations filled the venue from top to bottom; this included a playful swing, a ballpit overlooking the city skyline, a rose wall, a signature board, a ‘floating bed’ and even a science section where trained professionals could explain the product and its ground-breaking formulation in detail. We spent hours hopping between them all.

Entertainment was also aplenty, with a stunning acrobatic performance and DJs on rotation. Paired with a bar pumping out delicious fruity cocktails and sparkling champagne, we were left wondering: “Is there anything this party doesn’t have!?”

As for the product itself, we’re yet to trial it, however it is said to be a cream that doesn’t feel like cream. As sometimes is the case, a moisturising cream can sit on the skin and feel heavy for a little while, perhaps even turning the face a little oily as well. This is what the Whips collection has been created to combat, all the while offering those amazing benefits such as brightening, smoothening, evening skin tone and, of course, moisturising.

As any amazing event goes, you simply cannot leave without getting yourself a little goodie bag. Thankfully, Olay have gifted us the product so we get the chance to use it ourselves at home! We plan on filming a little Instastory to show you the product in action and what we think about it, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for that.

To watch our IGTV video of the event, click here.

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