Our top 5 plant-based Soulara meals

Soulara Meals

Ready-made meals have really taken off this year, with people wanting to avoid the supermarket due to social distancing, not being able to get the things they need or being just plain sick of cooking. Our favourite ready-made meal delivery company on the market is definitely Soulara, a plant-based option with 50+ meals, snacks and drinks to choose from.

Although neither of us is plant-based, we love that Soulara is sneakily helping us eat more veg (and enjoy doing it), and we’ve really been getting around the tofu, tempeh and TVP that they use. The menu is full of really exciting and tasty dishes we wouldn’t usually cook for ourselves, and the sauces and seasonings are just plain delicious. Plus, the meals are made using real, locally-sourced ingredients and delivered fresh (not frozen or vacuum-sealed), so the quality of the food doesn’t feel or taste like it’s been pre-made.

Though it’s pretty hard to pick our faves, here are our top five Soulara meals that you should definitely add to your next order.

Soulara Palak Tofu & Turmeric Rice

Palak Tofu & Turmeric Rice

This dish takes the traditional Indian spinach curry and pairs it with firm tofu and turmeric brown rice laced with blackcurrants. Packed with plant-based protein, vitamin C and super filling, this dish is perfect for eating any time of day, be it as hangover comfort food or a nutritious post-gym dinner.

Soulara Deva Dahl Makhani

Deva Dahl Makhani

We absolutely cannot go past a dahl, and Soulara has done this dish right. Black lentils and kidney beans are simmered in a spiced tomato, onion and coconut cream curry until they’re deliciously soft, before being teamed with basmati rice. The beans in this dish are full of fibre, iron and protein, making it as good for your body as it is delish.

Soulara Soya, Edamame & Black Fungi Udon

Soya, Edamame & Black Fungi Udon

For those times you’re craving a satisfying takeaway noodle dish, the Soya, Edamame & Black Fungi Udon will hit the spot, minus the high sodium and sugar content. The thick, dense udon noodles are slicked with sesame oil, gluten-free soy sauce and sesame seeds, before being tossed with edamame, mushrooms and tofu. With 37g of plant-based protein, how can you say no?

Soulara BBQ Black Bean Casserole

BBQ Black Bean Casserole

It’s the flavour, but also the texture of this dish that gets us. The BBQ seitan strips, corn kernels, black turtle beans and couscous all make for a wonderfully moreish texture, while the baby potatoes are the perfect starch to soak up the rich spiced tomato sauce. This dish is pretty low-cal at only 347 calories but is still super filling, so is perfect for those who like to indulge in a little dessert after.

Soulara Goodness Gracias Bowl

Goodness Gracias Bowl

This one is a newer Soulara dish and is perfect for spring. It’s kind of like a quinoa, kale and corn salad, with cubes of chipotle tofu and a zesty tahini-based dressing to make things interesting. It’s a pretty light dish which makes it perfect for warm days, and can be eaten hot or cold so you can take it out with you and eat it on-the-go.

Bonus: Our Fave Snack, The Choc Chip Cookie Dough Bites

You might have heard us raving about these on our Instagram Stories before, but seriously, we cannot get enough of these bad boys. There’s only 4g of sugar per serving (!!!) but they taste absolutely insane. The ingredients are totally clean as well, with no artificial sweeteners in sight, so we have no idea how the Soulara chefs can get them tasting so good. If you like peanutty, chocolatey raw cookie dough, these bites are for you. We’ll have an article up soon rating all the Soulara snacks, because we’re snackish girls that couldn’t resist trying them all!

If you’re keen to try any of these meals, or any of the breakfasts, drinks or snacks on the website, you can use the code ADELAIDIAN20 for $20 off your Soulara order. You can thank us later.

Images sourced from Soulara website

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