Palace Nova Cinema Prospect Has Opened its Doors!

A trip to the movies offers an experience that just can’t be matched by Netflix and the surround sound at home. It’s the ambient theatre, the cosy chairs, and the excuse to treat yourself with some popcorn and a classic choc top that keeps you returning time and time again. Combining these elements with the captivating stories told by our favourite actors is what Cinema Culture is all about.

Adelaide is lucky to welcome a new edition to the Palace Nova Cinema chain, and arguably, this one tops all.  Palace Nova Cinemas have truly captured the essence of cinema culture in the design and layout of the venue. And with the twist of sophistication provided by the addition of an upstairs bar for guests to endure, you no longer have to pay gold class prices to get the premium cinematic experience. After more than 6 years in the making, the construction itself has been perfected with art and detailing both inside and out, setting it apart from the rest. The grand, three-storey building features an elegant staircase with characteristic gold-bannisters, floral chandeliers and displays of painted glass which radiate old school class; a theme consistent throughout the venue.

A glimpse inside the glamorous new Palace Nova Prospect.

A glimpse inside the glamorous new Palace Nova Prospect.

Upon entering the new establishment, we were welcomed by a team of stunning burlesque dancers who perfectly emulated the 1920’s bourgeoisie style atmosphere of the era cinema’s first opened their doors to the public. The VIP treatment was fuelled by cocktails, delicious treats and a 5 star cinema service. The small, boutique style cinemas provide a more intimate and luxurious alternative to traditional movie-watching, and excellent gift for a loved one this Christmas!

The Palace Nova Cinema also rests in the perfect location, situated between 50sixone and another new sightly venue, New Nordic Kitchen. New Nordic Kitchen offers a range of delicious food and pastries refined by genuine Scandinavian influence and skill. Absolutely everything has been curated with the passion that lies within the Swedish family’s love for food; a quality which can’t be bought on supermarket shelves. The venue has everything from brunch service to a divine range of cocktails, and prides itself on the New Nordic Philosophy which stresses the significance of locally sourced ingredients. As stated on their website: “It is grounded in the principles of simplicity, purity and freshness “.

Delicious goods at the launch of Palace Nova Prospect.

Delicious goods at the launch of Palace Nova Prospect.

After scoping out what Prospect has to offer, we can definitely confirm that these businesses will thrive in the coming months, with absolutely no lack of quality in the product or service. Head down to 98 Prospect road, Prospect, to check out the new venue and secure yourself a spot in their Movie Club for all the latest and greatest!


Photography by Liberty Petersen

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