Paul Dabek – Encore! Magic Meets Hilarity at the Adelaide Fringe

Paul Dabek’s mouth is as quick as his sleight of hand.

When making your way into The Speakeasy at Gluttony you’ll be greeted by this grinning, albeit initially unassuming, character. You know that you’ve booked tickets to a magic show, but you’ll probably never envisage just how entertained you’ll be over the next hour.

Dabek’s repertoire of tricks is mindboggling, but his proficiency as a magician is merely one aspect in what might be the best value for money show at the Adelaide Fringe.

It is his conviction and lightning-fast ability to improvise that will have you chuckling all night. No one in the audience is safe from his quick-fire barrage of wisecracks, but they are well received due to his charming nature and the utter hilarity he is able to invoke from each engagement.

The pace of the show is beyond impressive, with Dabek effortlessly providing a concentrated hour of entertainment at breakneck speed, without ever looking rushed or panicked. This man is a world-class performer.

From the outset, Paul Dabek will have you captivated, in stitches, and mesmerised by his magical prowess. At no stage does the show ever hit any lulls, which makes this performance a true standout of every festival he attends.

Once you reach ‘The Circle Of Life’—a brilliant shadow puppet performance—you’ll feel even more validated for checking this one out. Dabek isn’t just a magician; he’s a showman.

A must see.

★★★★1/2    4.5/5 stars

Paul Dabek – Encore! is playing in The Speakeasy at Gluttony until the 4th March. Tickets available online or at The Fringe Box Office. 


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